Super Bowl LVII: A Victory for Out-of-Home Advertising

Super Bowl LVII: A Victory for Out-of-Home Advertising

Over one million visitors thronged Greater Phoenix over the course of Super Bowl Week 2023, including 67,827 fortunate folks that attended the game. And mobilads was on the scene! On behalf of three major campaigns — He Gets Us, Draft Kings, and The Department of Homeland Security — mobilads deployed over 300 highly noticeable ad-wrapped rideshare vehicles across the DMA, at the airport, blitzing State Farm Stadium in Glendale, and swarming everywhere from Old Town Scottsdale to Downtown Phoenix. Impressions were delivered and impressions were made!

Super Bowl LVII itself was a thriller, and the contest scored big as Nielsen's third-most watched TV show ever with 113 million US viewers across linear TV and digital platforms. But you know who didn’t see most, if any, of the ads in and around the Super Bowl? Those one million plus consumers who were at the game and the surrounding events for the week. This is where mobilads’ targeted, choreographed, and high-impact Out-of-Home transportation advertising allowed brands to reach these desirable consumers with great effectiveness and immense bang for the buck.

While the Super Bowl continues to maintain its unique cultural significance — with commercials featuring high production costs, celebrity casts, and buzz-worthiness — the eye-watering media price tags of up to $7 million per 30 second spot can prove daunting to brands. And if you’re spending that much on a single ad slot, it is wise to extend reach and amplify your messaging across other complimentary platforms. That is precisely what Draft Kings, He Gets Us, and DHS did with mobilads at Super Bowl LVII. The effects were remarkable.

Vehicles wrapped by mobilads delivered over 50 million impressions over the weeks leading into and during Super Bowl Week in the Phoenix DMA, collecting anonymized data from millions of mobile devices for digital retargeting campaigns. We were able to shift vehicle deployments on the go and ramp up reach as the game approached. The versatility and impact of mobilads' wrapped vehicle platform enabled our brand partners to drive home their brilliant creative messages to receptive audiences in a consumer-rich environment.

Today’s consumers aren't passive, and in fact, they both participate in and control the advertising process by screening out most messages and selecting and endorsing only the ones that are relevant to them. To wit, this year’s Super Bowl ads generated 5.8 million social media posts.

Consumers are also spending less time at home in front of TV screens in the post-pandemic landscape. They’re back commuting, shopping, attending concerts, sporting events, and generally out and about. So, Out-of-Home advertising has become an increasingly essential reach extender and impactful creative platform for brands as TV audiences decline and atomize. Despite big events like the Super Bowl, consumers’ time is now spent more often than ever out on the streets. That’s where mobilads lives. Your campaign should as well.

Craig Cook - Chief Executive Officer -