Did You See That? With the mobilads Creative Process, the Answer is Yes

The mobilads team has delivered hundreds of powerful campaigns for some of America’s leading brands and ad agencies by seamlessly and economically converting brand messaging from their digital, print, video, or billboard executions to our new, dynamic form of OOH. Let’s peek behind the scenes at the why and how of this effort.

Out-of-Home advertising provides vivid creative canvases for brands to rattle consumers to attention, build awareness, and convert it all to action. And the fast-growing wrapped rideshare vehicle sector is proving to be a potent weapon in quick-deployment, high-impact OOH.


Getting your brand creative customized for a vehicle wrap? It's easier than you think!

While data and ever-more specific KPIs continue to drive media planning in the sector, the creative aspect of campaigns in mobile outdoor advertising plays a more crucial role than ever. And the creative execution can sometimes cause agency or brand media and marketing departments to lose sleep over creating ads in yet another format.

We’ve solved for this. Want to design your wraps in-house? Use our print template and guidelines. Want to let us do the lifting? Mobilads has developed an easy-to-launch, high-quality, in-house scalable production facility, and deployed an expert team of strategic marketers and designers to work consultatively with agency and brand teams and create wrapped vehicle ads at scale virtually overnight. You can hit the snooze button — we’re on it.


Combine compelling and creative ads with trackable conversion metrics and campaign data

After assessing your needs, we will convert your existing ad assets into impactful rideshare wraps, or completely design wraps to your specifications and approval. We offer mock-ups, customization, iteration, and vehicle templates to ensure quality. And we make it remarkably fast and easy to execute a dynamic campaign targeting a single city, multiple markets, or any type of live event.

In fact, we offer best-in-industry turnaround time of three to seven days with 100% POPS at launch. In a matter of days, mobilads can launch fleets of wrapped rideshare cars — gloriously festooned with your approved brand creative — that align with your overall marketing strategy and look. Plus, by combining this turn-key creative execution with our campaign data options, we can measure conversion metrics (website traffic, CTRs, sign-ups, downloads) and see how well your campaign performs. Your mobilads campaign will work in conjunction with your other marketing channels, reinforcing and amplifying your brand message, and ensuring consistency and measurable impact across various touchpoints.


In OOH, your ads only have a few seconds to resonate with people on the move. Via our consultative approach, and creative prowess, we provide your campaign with clear, visually compelling, emotionally resonant ads that make a lasting impression, reinforce your storytelling across platforms, and influence consumers' purchasing decisions.

And our proven team of marketers, designers, and producers makes it happen in no time flat, with no need for you or your creative teams to lose any more sleep than they already are. Let’s roll.

Craig Cook - Chief Executive Officer - craig@mobilads.co