Dynamic Event-Based Advertising: Blitz a Targeted Location with Impossible-To-Ignore Ads

Dynamic Event-Based Advertising: Blitz a Targeted Location with Impossible-To-Ignore Ads

After more than two years of disruption, live in-person conferences, concerts, and events of every type are back in full swing. Yay! And when it comes to engaging eager consumers attending these gatherings, there are new, compelling ways to wrap your brand around them. And mobilads knows how to wrap.

While our ad-wrapped vehicles have delivered billions of impressions and measurable consumer actions on behalf of myriad brands over the last few years, we’re seeing a lot of requests for a different type of impression – we call it a Blitz. mobilads recently rolled out a Blitz campaign at the 2022 Super Bowl and scored on behalf of a major spirits brand.

A mobilads Blitz campaign is a short-burst, micro-targeted, multiple-vehicle ad wrap — a ‘swarming event’ choreographed to arrive, surround, and dominate a specific location, with vehicles either parked in a group or driving around the location or within a geo-fenced zone. Target audiences approaching, leaving, or just hanging out at an event are presented with multiple dynamic, attention-grabbing ads, in a unique, exclusive environment for your brand messaging, with opportunities for retargeting, sampling, and sign-ups.

A mobilads Blitz allows brands to harness the flexibility of our medium and translate it into a powerful and incredibly visual message – all while delivering and activating that message in the perfect place at the perfect time. And with ad reach atomizing and declining across many traditional linear and digital platforms, this approach is particularly successful in adding back reach and optimizing sales impact when coordinated in-market alongside other components of a media plan.

But while a Blitz is highly visible and straight-up impossible to ignore, it's also not in the way. It grabs eyes, but it doesn't hinder. It's right where you want it to be — capturing attention but not disrupting. It positions ad exposures very close to decision makers in the ad funnel, at a precise geo-located venue that's brimming with your demographic target.

Whether you’re looking to dominate attention at an event, in a market, a voting district, or across the country, a mobilads Blitz campaign can wrap your message around the minds of target consumers with reach, engagement, and effectiveness.

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Craig Cook - Chief Executive Officer - craig@mobilads.co