Stay #AloneTogether

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected every single person across the globe. Here at our home base in New York City, with over 11,000 related deaths, it's more vital than ever to spread the message around social distancing and self-isolation to protect individuals and the people around them.

We wanted to join the effort, so we've partnered with the Ad Council to amplify their message: Stay Home. Save Lives.

It turns out we can help by doing what mobilads does best: placing ads on rideshare vehicles and attracting eyeballs wherever the crowds may be.


A Partnership to Spread Vital Messaging

While OOH advertising might be at a near standstill right now, we also recognize this as a unique opportunity. Fewer cars on the road means our cars will stand out. And if our cars stand out, it means more people are seeing this crucial message.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ad Council previously launched high-visibility campaigns to share important messaging around coronavirus mitigation efforts. The first two weeks of the Ad Council's campaign brought in over 1 billion views across social media platforms, and they're not slowing down.

A new campaign focuses on young people, and urges social distancing while reminding us that we can be #AloneTogether. Mitigation efforts in the U.S. proves that #AloneTogether really does work. And now you’ll be seeing this campaign on mobilads’ vehicles across NYC, reminding New Yorkers who are on the street that they can still make a difference.

Lending a Hand to Rideshare Drivers

With the U.S. economy on pause, and more than 17 million unemployment applications over the past three weeks, the rideshare business is also down exponentially. An overwhelming decrease in Uber’s active driver base has contributed to the unemployment numbers, and those drivers that are active are making 36% less earnings.

mobilads has always helped put extra money in drivers' pockets, and now, our campaign with the Ad Council can help drivers when it matters most. They just need to keep doing what they already do so well: drive. 



We're all looking forward to putting this pandemic behind us sooner than later, and we're grateful to be able to lend our resources to help in the ways that we can.

We know you're as committed to social distancing as we are right now, but if you happen to see our cars pass by (from your window, of course), we hope they serve as a reminder that we're in this #AloneTogether.

Craig Cook - Chief Executive Officer -