Driving Out of the Impression Depression

Driving Out of the Impression Depression

Here at mobilads, we’ve seen a big increase in brands seeking out our high-performance wrapped rideshare transportation advertising. It makes sense! While national and local television and digital advertising is declining, a new survey of brand marketers and agencies by BWG Strategy shows that over half of U.S. advertisers expect to invest more in Out of Home (OOH) in 2023. Where is that shift coming from? Social media (31%) and linear TV (25%) represent the top segments that advertisers will shift from to fund greater investment in OOH.

Impression Recession or Impression Depression?

Media expert Evan Shapiro has written that the advertising market has entered an "Impression Recession," with major TV and digital media publishers losing subscribers, viewers, users, reach, and revenue at an accelerating pace. Well, if we're talking about the major U.S. media markets, it is more like an "Impression Depression."

Today, according to Nielsen, it takes buying 330% more TV rating points to generate the same reach for your ad campaign as only six years ago. Almost 95% of all linear ad impressions now reach only half of American homes, and not necessarily the right ones for your brand. The cable industry is losing around 14K subscribers each day. Streaming and CTV isn't close to replacing that critical reach. And massive price hikes, bots, $60 billion worth of ad fraud, mysterious algorithms, and sketchy attribution have dramatically changed the equation for your digital planning as well. Yipes!

Meanwhile, the entire Out Of Home sector has been rocking

So, where did all your consumers go? Back outside! And what are they doing out there? Looking at ads! Consumers spend 70% of their day not at home. And with hundreds of millions of Americans getting back to in-person work, school, recreation, and entertainment, Out of Home platforms have thrived. It is estimated that by 2027, OOH advertising in the U.S. will reach $33 billion.

Shifting back into OOH 

What should a brand marketer do now? That's easy — first, call us! Then, shift more of your marketing mix from TV and digital to today's dynamic Out of Home ad space — particularly the fast-growing and effective wrapped rideshare sector. There are hundreds of thousands of moving billboards with new attribution and retargeting abilities available in every U.S. market you need, and billions of impressions waiting for you to access.

Why has one of the oldest forms of advertising become the new-new thing? Because the thing works. And some of the other things don’t work so well anymore. Nielsen found that OOH is now the most effective offline medium in driving online activity, up to four times better per dollar than TV, radio, and print. Meanwhile, “The effectiveness of digital advertising is wildly oversold, and it’s just getting worse and worse by the day,” writes Sinan Aral in the Harvard Business Review. Harsh, man.

Mobilads means fast-launching campaigns with proof of performance and eye-catching creative

Since our founding in 2019, mobilads' unique wrapped rideshare transportation advertising platform has seen stunning growth. Our nimble and fast campaign launches (five days in most markets), proof of performance, vivid eye-catching creative, and superb data, attribution, and retargeting, have hit the mark with brands. Plus, the only ad blocker you need to be concerned with is someone who double parked in front of one of your mobilads ad-wrapped cars. Hmmm... wrapped tow trucks... we're on it!

Give mobilads a chance to show you the way out of the Impression Depression.

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Craig Cook - Chief Executive Officer - craig@mobilads.co