Take Your Brand on Holiday and Ride the

Take Your Brand on Holiday and Ride the "Revenge Travel" Wave

"Revenge travel" is booming after several years of pandemic lockdowns and limitations, and travelers with high disposable income are traveling for longer stays and more frequently. And not only are people traveling more, but they are also exploring new ways to spend their money. According to Skyscanner, three-quarters (77%) of those surveyed said they’re planning to spend the same or more on trips than they did in 2022, with almost half (41%) planning to spend more.

With millions of your potential customers on the road and far from home, there are opportunities to follow them to their destinations. A mobilads wrapped vehicle campaign can lock down locations that follow and engage the happy traveler all along the way: airports, hotels, beachfronts, festival locations, and more, with choreographed campaigns that create massive reach and awareness.

A wrapped rideshare vehicle campaign can move the needle on your brand recognition

Unfortunately, the in-market ad inventory of most traditional and digital publishers is reserved far ahead of time, and what’s left is often overpriced and not optimal for your brand. By expanding your reach across new fast-deployment channels, your brand can mitigate the impact of limited inventory, high prices, and elusive on-the-move consumers.

Non-travel brands are increasingly utilizing Out-of-Home advertising in vacation destinations due to the medium’s flexibility and in-your-face creative. Emerging forms of transportation OOH advertising — like wrapped rideshare vehicles from mobilads — can move the needle on your brand recognition with your most desirable consumers.

Quick to launch, customized for your audience, and infinitely flexible

A wrapped rideshare vehicle campaign not only allows for the creation of inventory virtually overnight, but offers deployment in the precise geographies you want, and strategic placement of your eye-catching ads.

And with the integration of advanced data-driven audience targeting and retargeting, marketers can ensure efficacy, knowing that the consumer they reach on the couch at home is the one they are reminding to buy their product with a dynamic wrapped vehicle passing by while they are sipping a cool drink on a promenade somewhere.

Get your campaign on the road with turnaround times comparable to digital mediums

With entirely in-house operations, mobilads can launch campaigns of any size nationwide or in tourism-dense markets, with turnaround times comparable to digital mediums, but none of the price and availability limitations.

Being able to formulate and scale campaigns anywhere in the U.S. without significant capex or long negotiation and reservation cycles is a real breakthrough for nimble brands.

Consumers’ newfound zest for travel means your brand must follow them wherever they go. Just because they’re on vacation doesn’t mean your ad campaign should be. Let’s go on holiday with them!

Craig Cook - Chief Executive Officer -